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Posted on August 8th, 2022

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Benefits of Tutoring

If you would like to know the benefits of tutoring and wonder if you really need a tutor, then this post is for you.

Table of Contents
  1. Why do people choose tutoring?
  2. Benefits of Tutoring
  3. Drawbacks of Tutoring
  4. Why Senior Tutors?

Why Do People Choose Tutoring?

There are a variety of reasons students and parents choose to study with a tutor. Some of them are:

Benefits of Tutoring

There are more benefits of tutoring then you can actually think of, here are some :

One on One Attention :

Tutoring provides individual attention to the child which was not possible in the crowded class. It is easy for tutor to focus on finding problems which the child is doing and provide simple solutions for them which may not be possible for the teacher as he has to focus on the whole class.

Private tutor will better understand your child’s individual learning style and can adopt teaching methods accordingly.

Individual attention from the tutor will help children who struggle to keep up, as well as those who aren’t challenged enough. It also keeps students on track during holidays from school.

Customized Learning :

Personal Tutor can customize lessons and learning styles to be the most suitable for the specific child. Every child is different, some are fast learners and others are low learners. Some may be hard working while others can be lazy.

No two students are the same. Some are auditory learners while others are visual learners. Some learn better in groups and some prefer working by themselves in a private setting. Some children pick up complex concepts quickly, while others require more time.

Improvement in Grades :

Private Tutor will identify and fix the mistakes of the student while attempting the exam. Which will significantly improve the performance results for tests and exams.

Tutors are friends, not boss :

Sounds strange? Usually parents and teachers are very strict and that’s fine unless the child loses the confidence to share his problems. In such a case, what they need is a friend who is not so friendly to waste all the time playing but act friendly while teaching.

In some cases, children simply don’t want to study with the enforcers ( teacher and parents ). So, they learn the best with the third person which can be their sibling, friend or cousin.

Tutors make it Fun to Learn :

While it may not be true for all but good tutors keep it out of frustration by encouraging and praising the child. Even when a child fails to complete the task, they provide confidence to their students to make them believe it’s easier to do the task and they can do it.

Tutoring raise confidence :

Tutoring can increase self-esteem and confidence when tutor will solve problems and provide resources and skills to the child.

Tutoring Improves Subject Understanding :

Aside from improving grades of the student, tutoring will also improve general knowledge and subject comprehension.

Tutoring improves study habits :

A good tutor will mentor the child to improve their study habits by regular customized tasks and follow ups. This will make the child hardworking and it will help the student throughout their life.

Tutoring Improves communication skills :

Regular interaction with a tutor will improve social and behavioral skills of the student.

Tutoring Helps to overcome learning obstacles :

A Tutor will specifically target the area where the student has problems, whether it’s writing, math, language, or reading.

Tutoring gives freedom to ask questions :

Tutors encourage students to ask questions, while the same is true for class teachers, however students feel more confident as there are no other students judging him or her.

Tutoring makes learning focused environment :

Tutoring provides positive study space which is free from distractions of other students. Student will have to focus on learning because the tutor has the full attention.

Tutoring gives advance skills :

Students will learn how to create study plans, develop advanced study skills, and learn superior time management skills.

Tutoring bridges gaps :

It often happens that a student missed a class or failed to understand a concept and the next lecture will need the understanding of it. Overtime, there will be many missed classes or many concepts which were not understood.

So, it bundles with anxiety for the student and brings complete failure. Tutors will identify such problem areas and check their basics.

Tutoring during holidays will help to retain and refine skills :

During long summer or winter holidays there is a tendency to forget what they’ve learned during the year and students find it hard to do the homework as well. Some of them simply don’t want to do the homework as they believe holidays are for fun only.

When parents enforce studies, such children will heavily dislike it. In such a case, having a tutor is the solution as the tutor becomes the bad guy, not you. If you want to make sure your child remains good in his subject, tutoring over the summer break is an effective solution.

Tutoring during summer is useful to retain what they’ve learned and to help students transition to the next grade. However, it should not be too aggressive.

Tutoring improves independent learning :

A good tutor always takes a question based approach and helps the student to figure out their answer themselves instead of providing straightforward solutions to each problem. Tutoring teaches the student how to learn and how to solve problems on their own.

This will make the child more responsible and it will boost overall personal growth. Furthermore, the child will learn to manage the tasks themselves.

Tutoring improves critical thinking :

Tutoring provides customized self paced learning possibilities and helps the student to identify their problem areas. Overtime, the student will learn to think critically by connecting topics, ideas and assignments.

Tutors encourage students to think more and find the problem and the solution themselves by encouraging them and giving them clues. Overtime, students will learn to solve problems on their own.

Tutoring improves self-paced learning :

Tutors can help a child to recognize and control their learning pace by understanding they are in charge to do the course work. The student will learn to identify their mistakes and so ask the tutor for help.

When the student knows their problem areas and how they can learn better, it’s less likely to feel left behind or lose confidence.

Tutoring improves persistence and dedication :

Regular accountability towards the tutor makes the child more responsible and dedicated overtime. Furthermore, the child will be more persistent in completing the school work and other tasks.

Some Drawbacks of Tutoring

Why Senior Tutors..?

So what’s special about our tutors or our service as a whole when you directly ask a tutor from us instead of choosing from our tutors directory.